Shadow Boxes are another of our specialties.   

We have extensive experience with custom framing the unusual  and the three dimensional like bats and balls,  jerseys, military metals,  program memorabilia from big events (e.g. Breeder's Cup Entry), full size flags, pottery, archaeological collections, etc.  And our staff with over 40 years collectively working on unusual items should be able to provide the idea solution to your unusual framing requirements.

We can use any moulding design as a shadowbox including regular flat framing mouldings.  We simply "box out" the backside. This gives you thousands of design faces for your shadowbox to meet the most demanding interior design needs.  Another service not found at the average frame shop.

For rarities and valuable objects a safe and protective mounting system can be used so that the objects are not marked, marred or damaged in any way by the mounting and display methods.  
UV-Protection is especially recommended as many of the elements of a object that make it significant and interesting (e.g. magic marker signatures) might fade easily from even indoor artificial light exposure. Inexpensive printing is also likely to be affected by being exposed to even diffused lighting.
Each project is carefully designed with attention to properly arranging the objects with mathematical accuracy to insure harmonious well organized arrangements. For rarities and valuable objects our primary emphasis is protecting the item(s) to be framed from any possible damage.   The project is carefully and meticulously assembled by craftsmen who use appropriate fastening devices which are both strong and usually completely hidden in the display.  Safe, lightweight displays using plexiglass are recommended if the work is large, likely to be in an active area or the owner will move it it around.  Finally sturdy hanging systems are provided to make sure even the heaviest project can be hung safely and securely.
Almost any color combination to match team colors is available in either matting or custom fabrics to complement the team items.
 Hanging assistance available.
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