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***** Ryan D (Yelp) 11/20/2013 I purchased a frame, matte, and glass — a gift for a newly wed couple. Couldn’t be happier with the selection, price, and quality. Thank you Main Frame.

*****Sara L (Yelp) 10/16/2013 Apparently like many people who post here, I was suckered in by Michael’s coupon and took some family photos in for framing with the idea that I would put five or six photos in one frame and do it pretty inexpensively. However I got a quote from the girl working in framing at the local store which just stunned me. When I asked them how did they came up with that price, they said it was pretty complicated work (cutting five holes in a mat) and it had had to be done by a computerized mat cutter in their framing plant in some far off place. Besides, she said corporate headquarters sets the prices. I said I had to shop around before I pay the small fortune quoted at their chain store. Then I went to Main Frame Shoppe. At first I was put off by the huge variety of frames and mats available as I thought this must be for fancy art collectors (which seems to be their main focus). However when I asked about my photos, they said “no problem” as they do the work in their, to me, very large on-premises shop and it takes about 10 minutes to cut multiple opening mats for any sized photos using their computerized mat cutting machine which they had on-the-premises. Since I wanted cheap frames I had to repeat my request when they pulled out some expensive frames samples to show me. They said these were cheap because they pick up discontinued fancy moldings and offer them at a price well below usual. I said who does all the work and they said their experienced staff did everything in house and in about a week for simple jobs like mine. So I went with them and did about 30 photos in five frames for about the price of 10 photos in two frames at the other place with the phony coupons.

***** MARK M. (Yelp)We found Main Frame Shoppe through a reference from a Decorator in Del Mar. She recommended the professionals at Main Frame for the high end framing that we needed for several important Pop Art graphics we acquired in New York. When we walked in we were overwhelmed by the size and comprehensiveness of their services. We saw the largest selection of frames we have ever seen. They also offered a full line of museum caliber services with several varieties of museum glass/plexi, conservation matting, etc.. The choices seemed endless. Their specialized mats were beyond compare in terms of variety and quality and we ended up getting hand wrapped silk treatments to go with natural wood frames. What was especially impressive was that they did all the work on the premises with their very experienced staff. This was very important to us as we did not want our art work work handled by kids just hired out of school who had never worked with delicate, expensive and hard-to-replace rare art work or shipped around S. Cal. in the back of a truck in who knows what kind of packing or protection to be processed by some anonymous factory worker busy texting or eating while working on these works. (Interestingly, while we were there another gallery stopped in to pick up some very specialized custom made mats also done in house.) After all was arranged, we were amazed at the reasonableness of the prices as we had framed cheap posters at Michaels for not much less than what we paid for these high end frame jobs.

Regrettably Yelp has become a bait and switch scam as unless you advertise with them they delist your reviews. We captured some of them as shown below (Note they are mostly listed under our former name of “Main Frame Shop”. CNN and CNBC report Yelp is on the verge of failing. An article in the San Diego Reader for Oct. 7th illustrates the perils of getting involved with Yelp. Click here to read article.

***** Heather M(Yelp) 11/20/21014
This is a fantastic resource for custom framing in North County. Whether it’s fine art, a prized family heirloom, special documents, etc, this place clearly has the abundant solutions for a beautiful and creative display.
Their San Marcos location is so great for a large and beautifully organized selection of moulding at an even bigger discount than their already great prices (which happen to beat all the big chains by far). Sorted by lengths good for smaller framing projects to larger framing projects, it’s easy to find that special moulding and the prices are very reasonable. Some of the best I’ve come across! I’ve had numerous orders for framing with them and have been very happy with the quality and price and also timely turnaround time in receiving my framing order back. They are undergoing a number of transitions and I definitely recommend visiting this shop in person and talking with the experienced staff and trusting them with framing needs and perhaps even get a special peek at a rare work of art getting ready to go to auction!
Their Oceanside showroom is even more impressive with thousands of moulding selections and so there are even more options to be had at unbeatable prices. Two locations, call or email to touch base with them first to confirm an appointment with them since they alternate between their Oceanside and San Marcos shop.I am a new customer with them but have been very pleased with the service and highly recommend this business from my own personal experience.<br><br>
*****Charles M (Yelp) 6/5/2014
I had a 14 x 22 framed here. I am extremely satisfied with the whole experience. John was very friendly and very accommodating to make sure i had all the choices to find what i wanted. i would recommend him and his craftsmanship to anyone. great job john.


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