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Free On Line Custom Framing Design Services

Want a great design? Something more than the standard cheap motel look?  A visual statement that speaks to your good taste with an appreciation for the imaginative and creative.  Our designers are practicing artists and design professionals and love the challenge of putting together something that really stands out from the usual. When you are particular about your project it can take a long time to work out the details. So to save your time and give our designers the opportunity to really work on your project we have put together a unique online design service that does most of the design work before you visit us (or optionally everything can be done online and the final project shipped nationwide).

How It Works...

1. Provide us with some background on your project. Click and fill out the concept and style information form with as much detail as you care to provide us with.

2. Send us a photo of the art or other item to be framed (details on submitting photos provided after you fill out the information at the above link).

3. We will respond with a rough concept for your project.

4. If you wish us to go ahead to put together some detailed designs, you provide us with a cc for a $25 deposit on your final framing cost*. We usually provide about three "looks". If you don't need an online design, but like our concepts no deposit is necessary. Just make an appointment and bring your art in.

5. You can either view the designs by email or come in and work with our designer after we put together some detailed design concepts. Of course you can view other options in either of our locations to "fine tune" your final design choice.

6. As the photos of recent work on the right  illustrate, our craftsmanship is equal to our superb design capabilities.  Most jobs finished in one week.

*We request a deposit on your order to begin work on detailed designs which can involve a lot of time for our designers.  That way we know you are serious and not wasting the time of our staff or planning to take the actual work to another framer whose design skills are a lot less imaginative.  The deposit is credited against your final framing cost and not an extra charge.  The deposit is non-refundable if you do not go forward with the project and will be used to offset some our staff costs designing your project. 

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