One Stop Film and Video Digital Conversions, Printing and Framing Services 

Putting film collections in digital format also means a major reduction in storage requirements and portability.  One drive or series of cd discs can be cloned and distributed for example among family members with great efficiency in shipping and storage.  And all you have to do is plug the storage device into a computer for instant trips down memory lane on your monitor.  And what a great family reunion centerpiece.

Film Deteriorates Over Time

Film from the good old days consists of chemical emulsions or solutions of pigments which "gas off" over time.  The hot spectrum pigments are the most, yellows, oranges.  Every day your film is not super cooled in the dark probably means some loss of film molecules.  Even the plastic stock which the emulsions float on can warp, dry out and crack making viewing difficult if not impossible. Occasionally mold or mildew will attach itself to the surface of both the cardboard holders and the film surfaces.  

With today's advanced digital scanners it is possible to protect and preserve visual memories for generations to come. The longer you wait the more film deteriorates.

Convert Videos and 8 mm Films to Digital Formats

Have a lot of old family movies, VHS or SVHS videos?  Time to convert them for protection and preservation and ease of viewing at family events, reunions, parties or anywhere when personal movies are appropriate.  Yes we can convert VHS-C and mini cassettes too.  Most of the popular formats over the last 20 years we are familiar with.  Standard 8mm films can be digitized as well.

Converted films and videos are burned to cds (or external hard drive for convenience) which you can then access from your computer to create your own edited movies and presentations using free video editing software like movie maker from Microsoft.   Or choose from any of the available editing and presentation software packages available for downloading from many video editing software vendors.

Call for pricing.  760-432-8995

Film Scanning and Printing…35 mm slides, Negatives, Old Photos

Convert your analog film memories and archives to digital format.  Bulk scanning of 35 mm. slide collections.  Manual scanning of old family photos, team pics, class reunions, important civic events, etc.   Scan old negatives to digital format for enhancement and restoration as practical.

Printing and Framing available.  And you are not limited to wallet sized or standard 8 x 10 photos.  Our scanners can do up to 4000 dpi scans packing the digital files with massive amounts of pixel information.   With file size up to 130 mb your photo scans can often be blown up to poster size and printed on photo style papers or even canvas. Ideal for creating themes for special events like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations and other gatherings of family and friends.  Complementary framing or canvas style stretching  available for creating permanent memories and displays.

Restore your damaged or faded photos.  With digital files it is fairly easy to restore  defects, loss of color, large tears and other condition issues in Photoshop which is a whole lot less expensive than the old fashion hand painted restoration process of yore.   Restoration pricing based on requirements and original condition.  Hand restoration of original photos also available.

We are a one stop shop.  Scan, print and frame with the advice of our technicians and designers saving money and time over using several sources to get your memories into memorable presentations.

Pricing starts at $.25 cents per scan, 16 bit scans, 30 mb files*.  Printing and framing starts at $19.95 for a frame, mat and glass**.

Best prices are for quantity.   Standard service is 16 bit color at a density level of 4.8 which insures maximum detail in the shadows. Standard with all .35 mm. slide and film scans is the incomparable Kodak ICE dust and scratch removal treatment.  Several types of software are available to provide compensation for fading and color loss seen over time along with reducing grain.   As always, the least restoration required the more true the final digital impression.  

*minimum 100 35 mm slides. Bulk slide and roll film scanning available for 35 mm color positive or negative film..  Negatives, printed photos and larger slides priced according to type, quantity, condition and final format requirements. Call us for quotes on your special projects.  760-432-8995.

**8 by 10 in frame, with mat and glass.  Comparable prices for larger sizes.  Many choices in frames and matting colors. All materials archival quality.