Digital Media Center

Today everyone has easy access to producing, downloading or copying digital media products.  And there is so much you can do with them.  Whether its selfies,  cell phone photos taken at a business, family or social event, or scans of media such as paintings, drawings, or watercolors, you can print them, frame them, enlarge or modify them.  And there are many libraries of high resolution digital renditions of great artwork or photography often available for free or at a small cost.  You can also convert all those analog photos and films to digital files to be used for amazing final art and documentary projects.  And we have the tools to help you.

Ways to Use Digital Files

Digital files can be used in an amazing variety of ways  starting with standard glossy or matte surface photo prints, blowup photos or enhanced photos, or artwork such as posters, oil painting or watercolor style prints. Sizes range from small snapshot sizes to mural sized blowups (final usable size is dependent on resolution).  The final product can be printed on a variety of media such as watercolor papers, canvas, metal, personal items (t-shirts, coasters, sign boards, etc.).  There is almost to limitation of what you can print on using modern dye sublimation printers.  Our media consultants are actively engaged in keeping up with all the latest technologies and can advise you on all the options to modify, enlarge or display your digital products.  We can also help you locate professional photos or reproductions of your favorite scenes in nature or famous works from art history that may be reproduced.   Themed decor projects like forest setting, beach scenes, or fairy tale looks are easily accomplished with digital media.  Contact our consultants for advise on how to put together a set of  prints for a family reunion, product launch, or new babies room.  Imagination can run riot with all the digital media possibilities.

Converting Film and Tapes to Digital Formats

Have a bunch of precious family heirloom photos?  We can scan and convert them to digital files.  Even 35 mm slides or negatives.  Have some 8 mm movies?  Convert them to digital formats like cds.   Photos with age or handling damage? Today’s digital software can fix and restore old photos and some films.   And once they are converted they can be emailed, shared by social media or used to make a variety of printed products just like digital media originals.   And when there is only one photo, it can be copied and distributed to any number of final recipients each copy as faithful as the first.  That way no one gets left out when you have important or precious photos to share.