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Want something distinctive, creative, something to make your project more than just another picture on the wall? Our resident chief designer Sydney, a practicing artist, can provide an inspired presentation that will make your wall decor distinctive and unique. To work with Sydney just call ahead (760-432-8995) to find our her availability and set up an appointment so she can concentrate on your project. Let her know your general thoughts on the subject of style and colors. Then let Sydney makes some suggestions. In some cases requiring more thought she will take some time to work up some special designs and email you her design thoughts for your approval. Like most good design ideas Sydney believes that framing should draw you into the art, not compete or overwhelm the art itself. A good example is the first image in the link to her work shown above. Here the exotic corner treatments just complement the oriental feel of the art and make the art itself more exotic than a simple sketch. This is another special Best Frame Shops service you're not likely to find at the big box stores.
  • 1850 Hacienda Dr. Unit 16
  • At Emerald exit 78 Highway
  • Vista, Ca. 92081
  • 760-432-8995