Our Mission is More than Just Selling Products and Services

Best Frame Shops is a compassionate corporation.  We believe that our commercial activities can contribute to the community as a part of our company mission.

In particular we support  anti-trafficking and throw-away children programs.  Currently we have several levels of involvement as discussed below.  While the impact is small at the present time, with the support of our client base we expect that this impact can grow.  We welcome those who would add to our corporate efforts and match or supplement our contributions.  Call 760-432-8995 to help.


Families Uniting Familes


Our luggage donations are currently supporting work at Families Uniting Families a program working with mostly adolescence kids in difficult home situations.  

Their key goals are: maintaining children safe, facilitating stable families and ensuring family well being. You can learn more about their programs at


and their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Families-Uniting-Families-119162971501014/

Luggage Donation Program

At risk children are often uprooted with very short notice due to unexpected circumstances in their lives which are not their fault.

They may be removed from their former homes to shelters and then moved several more times before they either return to their natural families or are relocated to new families.  Most of the time when these children are uprooted from their natural environment they leave suddenly and with little preparation often carrying their limited belongings in trash bags. Trash bags don't last long and don't provide much organization and chances are they will be moving several times and could use real luggage to keep it all together.
As someone who travels a lot, I have accumulated many luggage items, most of which I don't use more than once or twice.  And they accumulate. But these unneeded and unused luggage items could be a great help to children who could use some order and formality in their lives.
Best Frame Shops will accept carryalls, suitcases, travelalls and similar items and deliver them to agencies dealing with children under these circumstances.  You can call for an appointment at 760-432-8995 or leave them at the front door (1440 Grand Ave. Ste A. San Marcos).  Someone will collect them in short order and pass them along.  We will acknowledge you if you wish and post notes on the results.

Anti-Trafficking Support

 We currently set aside 3% of our retail sales up to a maxium of $25 per ordr  to programs designed to support anti-trafficking and throw-away child programs.

It is unfortunate that in the current social and political environment there is an appallingly low priority assigned to protecting at-risk children and vulnerable women. It is our view that public/private partnerships can provide stable consistent funding for such programs in a world where public funding priorities are subject to shifting priorities and never adequate budgets.  Watch our website bestframeshops.com for more details on these efforts.