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Quantity Mat Discounts for Artists, Photographers, Designers with special features. Design and Executions the Big Box stores can't or won't do.

About Canvas Stretching

Our canvas stretchers avoid warping and unsightly lines from the pressure of the wood strips.

We use specially fabricated stretcher strips custom sized to fit any canvas whether domestic or foreign sized. On bigger sizes we brace as well.

Our stretcher strips are fabricated from multiple sections of wood to inhibit warping. Single pieces of wood allow moisture to travel up the length of the wood just as would happen when the tree was growing. This can lead to twisting of the stretcher strip. With our stretcher strips the wood changes every 6 inches or so and the moisture does not have a clear path to travel up the strip internally. And each piece acts as a counter pressure to twisting of the adjacent pieces keeping the stretcher strip straight and true.

Also our strips actually only contact the canvas at the very edge with a specially shaped soft lip. Stretched canvas that touches the full width of the stretcher strip will eventually show the shape of the stretcher strip underneath in the canvas face with an unsightly pressure mark and line.

So when you want canvas stretched for that professional look, work with the professionals who know how to properly preserve, protect and showcase your art.

Next time you are looking at paintings on canvas or just thinking about buying stretched canvas to paint on, turn them over and see if the stretcher strips are made from cheap scrap wood which will cause problems down the road.

Best Frame Shops and Creighton-Davis Gallery support and promote artists in the community providing important services needed to make their careers successful.

Specific Services:

  • Quality Art Reproductions on Canvas or Paper to faithfully reproduce your original artworks.
  • Quantity Discounts on Frames, Mats, Ready-to-Hang Packaging.
  • Canvas stretching: For those large size projects with a variety of canvases and linens available.
  • Restoration of paper and canvas.
  • Hanging and Installation
  • Crating and Shipping
  • Press releases and PR campaigns.
  • Artist's Bios prepared
  • Note Cards, Banners, Posters featuring art work.
  • Ad creation and placement

Mat Services

Mats Priced At Quantity Discounts Local San Diego based supplier of mats cut to your requirements with quantity discounts. Hundreds of colors and textures like linen and suede, standard or custom sizes, single, double or triple. mats. Call (760-432-8995) or visit our companion site.

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