Special Savings up to 90%

Museum Quality Professional Custom Framing


Compare at up to $200. Guaranteed lowest comparable price.

Ideal for watercolors, photographs, signed prints, diplomas, or anything that you wish to  frame with proper preservation and protection standards when you are on a budget.

  • up to size 8 by 10 in (frame size) with comparable savings on larger sizes.*
  • Choice of  many deluxe designer real wood profiles or metal profiles (not plastic or composite).
  •  Includes acid free mat, many color choices, for museum quality protection.
  • Archival mounts and backing to protect and preserve, ready to hang.
  • conservation glass  to protect from fading and reduce reflection.
  • Modest upgrade charge for fancy or additional mats, special glass or plexi.

       * *includes designer wood frame, acid free mat, conservation glass to size 8 x10 in. Comparable savings on larger sizes. For example 11 x 14 $29.99, 16 x 20 $49.99, 18 x 24 $69.99. While many styles are offered, some styles subject to quantity limits.

Recommended: If you are particular about your design, call ahead to schedule an appointment with the appropriate designer so they can give your work their full attention. We do get lines at times.


Also Available at $99.99 large posters (to 24 by 36 in.) with basic black wood frame (3 styles), black, gold or silver standard metal.  Includes glass or plexi glazing, acid free mounts and ready to hang.  And if they are signed we recommend UV-screening glass or plexi for a small upgrade charge if you want the signatures to last.



50-90% Off All Frame Mouldings (Warehouse In Stock Only)

At our warehouse location In San Marcos (just off the Highway 78) all mouldings including premium frame mouldings, for custom frame work start at 50% off with some up to 90% off (min $10). Values to $1000 on some fancy frames. And there are more frames in our warehouse stocks than the big box chains have in their entire selection which usually consists of a few on-sale mouldings mixed in with their high priced regular mouldings that everyone really wants*** . Most of our 50-90% off mouldings are premium selections left over from major design projects where only the best hand made, hand finished mouldings will do. How do we do it?**

Save Over Internet Framing…

Low Internet Prices? Not if shipping is involved. Most internet ordered frames start at about $39.95 with shipping included. Our direct comparable frame jobs start at 19.95 and no shipping is involved. Shipping isn't much on small items, but if you have to ship large works of art, it becomes expensive. Most of those "free" shipping costs are added to the framing price so you don't see it. Low overall price? Check the materials involved. Is there true UV-3 protection on just a nominal amount. After all window glass has a UV-3 screening value of 40% and it is useless to prevent fading of printing on paper or fabrics. Best protection is above 90% although 70% screening products work fine if there is little value to the work.. And the frames: are they plastic or wood? Do they have cheap rosin decorations and embellishments likely to scratch easily or even melt? And for gold and silver? Are they foils? Yes similar to Christmas wrapping paper various gold and silver imitation surfaces are applied to inexpensive wood or composite shapes to provide a "look alike" gold or silver traditional frame often with antique looks. They damage easily and often tarnish but they are definitely cheaper. And shipping works to the online framer and having them frame and return ship...risky if fragile or valuable art is involved. Send a digital file? Works for a lot of folks, but just about any local frame shop can provide the same service and you get to proof the print in person which is usually better than depending on a monitor to proof your work from an email attachment. At Best Frame Shops you get to see the actual materials right next to the artwork and when you go to pick up the finished project you can be assured that not only will it get back to you quicker, but the fear of opening a package and finding damage is gone. And we print a lot of work from digital files that are emailed to us or dropped off in a thumb drive.

Save on Fine Custom Picture Framing With the Experts Since 1988

Over 5000 Frame Choices, over 1000 choices of Color or Fabric in Manufactured Mats, Unlimited Custom Fabric Hand Wrapped Choices for Matting or Frame Liners, 12 Glazing choices in Acrylic or Traditional Glass. Acid free materials standard in all styles and projects. We know how to protect, preserve and restore. Staffed by Specialists With Over 30 Years Experience in Fine and Decorative Art, Best Frame Shops provides creative and protective custom picture framing using state of the art materials for collectors, artists, home decorators, galleries and large and small commercial projects such as professional offices, hospitals, restaurants, hotels and museums. We also offer installation and hanging services for artwork, mirrors, photo walls*. Yes we bid commercial accounts. Whether it is an important art deco work, Picasso etching, vanity mirror, a collection of family photos to create your own unique photo wall or that unique hand signed jersey our experienced staff with over 35 years in the fine art and framing business will have a great solution for your home or office. Appointment required if you wish to meet with the appropriate designer or specialist suited to your project: 760-432-8995.

Special Savings: 50% plus 40% plus 30% plus 25% plus 10%

Ever wonder about whether those multiple discounts at the big box stores are for real. Well check below for an explanation of how they really work.*** However we have the ultimate multiple discounts on premium real wood mouldings. In fact you save 50% plus 40% plus 30% plus 25% plus 10% on over 100 deluxe custom picture framing mouldings, values to $1000 and “No Coupon Required” on as many jobs as you want.*** All custom picture frame mouldings in stock.(minimum $10, warehouse only, some styles limited quantities).

*** Discount Deceptions:

In one of the most deceptive and shameless marketing manipulations of the public practiced by the big box retailers, you are supposed to believe that advertised multiple discounts as illustrated in our headline (above right) would add up to 155% off full price. In real math it's 14.125% of original price (85.875% discount) as the discounts are applied to the amount after each discount is taken, not the initial price, which at the big box retailers is usually 400% marked up to start with. And yes we have over 100 frames, often premium mouldings, discounted 85% with a rock bottom minimum price of $10.

** How Do We Do It

How do we offer such great prices? We start by keeping our sales dollars in the community instead of sending most of our revenues to pad the executive bonuses at the giant Wall Street Hedge Funds that own the big box stores . This allows us to pay our highly skilled employees top wages and still keep prices low And we work with large commission projects for decorators, designers and galleries to get bulk discounts to cut costs. Then we pass along these savings to our home decorating and art colletor clients with the remainders. Our sale mouldings can go fast as they are are available in limited stock and can vary from day-to-day. For more selections we have over 4000 mouldings to choose from including a selection of over mouldings with special pricing for complete projects at $99.99 (glass with two acid free mats).

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1850 Hacienda Dr Unit 16 At Emerald exit 78 Highway Vista, Ca. 92081 760-432-8995 info@bestframeshops.com

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